About Mr. Hague

Hello students, My name is Mr. Jim Hague. 

Thank you for taking my class. I’ll do my best to teach you all that I know to (1) prepare you for college and more important (2) prepare you for what it’s like in the working world.

I went to college at Arizona State. I then earned a Masters from Cal State – Dominguez Hills.  I recently earned my teaching credential from Cal State – San Bernardino.

What inspired me?

In 1996 with the advent of the internet coming into our daily lives, I decided to change careers into media, studying web design, graphics,and video production. I moved to San Francisco where I connected with Silicon Valley and watched the world change before my eyes. It was like learning from the masters of tech.

In the year 2000, I decided to start my business venture, CrystalDI Media, LLC.  We offered web and video production to many clients across the nation, primarily with the entertainment industry. Later on, we decided to offer adult courses. That’s where my passion for teaching began. 

But after about 20 years I decided on something else to challenge myself. I reached a point where I felt I wanted to give back. Teaching is a great joy for me. My promise to you is to create a safe and open learning environment for you, one that caters to your ideas and creativity.

I would like to think that together we are embarking on a journey where we create and share ideas with each other. Okay, let the journey begin

Mr Hague's Class