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Proper Classroom Environment

Highly Advised…

  1. Best if you bring your own mouse, keyboard, and headphones for computer use.
  2. Bring your own headphones.
  3. Do not answer the door when knocked. Instructor will do it
  4. Wear a mask if you feel uncomfortable

For Better Communication

  1. No ear devices unless it’s for work
  2. Phones in pockets, book bags, purses, or at charging stations.

For Cleanliness

  1. No ear devices unless it’s for work
  2. Phones in pockets, book bags, purses, or at charging stations.
  3. No food allowed in classroom.
  4. Drinks on the floor
  5. Do not kill any bugs or critters. It creates a mess.

For Safety

  1. Do not go into the Red Zone
  2. Do not go into Whisper Room without authorization
  3. Do not congregate by the door before the bell rings. Very dangerous.

For Etiquette

  1. Please do not place personalized screensavers on the computers
  2. Please avoid physical contact with each other.
  3. Never get out of your chair without asking permission

Info-Tech Syllabus

2022-23 School Year
Subject to Change

ITIS 150 – Web Design: FALL SEMESTER

  1. Web Development: Planning
    • Flow Chart / Schematics: 
    • Storyboarding
  2. Dreamweaver
    • Start Screen
      • Creating Folder Structure
      • Defining the Site
      • Starter Templates
  3. Workspace
    • Code / Split / Live
    • Upper Panel : Files – CSS Designer – Insert – Manage Sites
    • Lower Panel: DOM – Snippets
  4. Creating a Page using Tables
    • Property Box: Starting with the Home Page:
    • Using Tables :
    • Adding Text :
    • Adding Image (Figure Tag)
  1. Creating a Page with CSS Designer
    • Creating New .css files
    • Using an already created .css file
    • Adding Background
    • Custom Text
    • Page Layout
    • Adding Images
  2. Creating Navigation
    • Adding Links
    • Creating Navigation
    • Bootstrap Navigation
    • Customizing for Table and Desktop
    • Create Drop-Down Menus
  3. Designing for Mobile and Tables
    • Creating fixed navigation
    • Customizing for mobile
    • Customizing for tablet and desktop
  4. Creating Unique Pages and Media
    • Creating multiple pages
    • Adding video
    • Adding portfolio
  5. Social Media Feeds
    • Adding Twitter Feed
    • Adding IG posts
    • Adding FaceBook
  6. Quality Assurance
  7. Uploading
  8. Internet Marketing
    • The Web Business Model
    • Capturing the Target Audience
      • What is a Target Audience
      • Technology Tools
      • Database Management
    • Online Marketing
      • History of Marketing
      • Five Eras of Marketing
      • Marketing Methodologies
      • Traditional vs Digital Marketing
    • Marketing Fundamentals
      • Key Concepts of Marketing
      • The 4 Ps of Marketing
      • Standard vs Dynamic Remarketing
      • The Digital Marketing Landscape
    • E-Marketing
      • Defining E-Marketing Capabilities
      • Types of E-Advertising
      • Syndication


  1. Developing a Marketing Optimized WebSite: Word Press
    • Development
      • Launching/Removing WordPress
      • Admin Panel: Dashboard
      • Top Nav of Dashboard
      • Creating a Post
      • Creating a Page
      • How to copy text from a website source
      • How to Change Themes
      • How to Add Media: Podcasting / Video
      • Adding Video
      • Creating Menus
      • Creating a Sub-Menu
      • Customize Page
      • How to Create Contact Form
      • Users and Settings
    • WooCommerce
    • Creating an APP
    • Blogging
  2. Search Engine Optimization
    • Adwords
    • Keyword Research
    • Auction Process
  3. Social Media Marketing (New Trends)
    • Current Trends
    • New Trends
      1. New Social Media
      2. AI
    • Cohort Effect
    • Technology Tools
  4. How to Get Rich Off the Web
    • Affiliate Marketing
      • Amazon Affiliate
      • Legalities
    • Display Advertising
      • The Tools
      • Photography
      • Types of Display Adverts
  5. Create portfolio page

Info-Tech Grade Categories

Classwork – 10% Classwork comprises tasks that involve short assignments guided by teacher instruction, and due at the end of the class session.

Demo / Quiz – 20% A Demo assignment is a task with minimal teacher instruction. The students are expected to do the work themselves (or as a team) and turn it in the same day task is assigned. A quiz tests the student’s understanding of the terminology or philosophy of the present unit being studied.

Project / Exam – 30% A project is a task that involves minimum instructor guidance. The students work several days to demonstrate understanding of the present unit of study.  Students will be given at least two class periods to complete the project. A exam will only be given to measure the student’s understanding of several units.

FINAL PROJECT – 40% Students will be responsible for creating a project that demonstrates an understanding of every unit of studies this semester.

Late Assignments

  • 24 hours late: 5pt penalty
  • Up to 1 week late: 10% penalty
  • Between 1 to 2 weeks late: 20% penalty
  • Between 2 to 3 weeks late: 30% penalty
  • Between 3 to 4 weeks late: 40% penalty
  • No assignments to be accepted after 4 weeks