Learning Environment

These rules and regulations are for the intention to maintain a safe, comfortable for both ONLINE and ONSITE learning. The intent is to promote a pleasant learning environment of ALL students. The rules set below are classroom specific rules set forth by the Azusa Unified School District must be adhered to.

Please abide by the following:


Even during distant learning you are required to be on time.  While I can give a couple of minutes because of technology or home factors, you are expected to be before you computers ready to go.

Attendance will be taken at the initial minutes of the class, and then at the end of class. 

Please have your web cam working at all times. You don’t have to have it pointed directly at your face but at least show some indication you are present. You can point the camera down to your keyboard to show yourself typing.

Any offensive thumbnail will result in your being removed from the class session.

Students will be allowed to use the restroom if they raise their hands and ask. You have five minutes to return otherwise you will be marked tardy.

If you are going to eat, please be polite and take pauses before each bit. Do not shove food into you mouth to make a spectacle of yourself and do not spit your food out.  It’s okay to drink before the camera, but respect the rules of your home.


Do not eat at the computers.
Why : Computers are very sensitive and can be ruined if drinks or crumbs are spilled in the work stations. The same reason why you would not want your area littered with food, please do the same for next user.

Often times I’ve seen people eat their hot cheetos and then lick their fingers and resume typing. Kinda gross. WE ARE GOING THRU A PANDEMIC. So to keep from germs accumulating I’ve provided disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizers.

No Personal Screensavers WithOut Permission.
Why :  I’ve been in situations where a picture may mean something cool to you, but crazy frightening to someone else. Some students may have diagnosis of anxiety. Or may be offended or some form negative reaction. Please just keep to the Mac desktop pictures.

Refrain from using profanity or expletives directed at others

This may not just offend me but may offend others. Any words that negatively connotes any form of discrimination will not be tolerated. This is an ‘everywhere’ rule and will exist longer after you enter the workforce so get used to this rule. Again, we want people to be ‘comfortable’ in a school setting.

Profanity in the Music you Play
In regards to music being played, music with expletive content is prohibited. If any song blurts out an expletive, it will be treated as if you are blurting out the expletive.

Do not photograph or film anyone who protest
When you go out and film, always ask permission anyone before you record. Many will simply turn away from the camera and if that happens, let them go and edit them out. In addition, despite this being a video class, not everyone wants to be talent in front of the camera. For whatever reason, we will respect that.

Need to Use Restroom?
It’s encouraged that you use the facilities prior to entering class. During class, students will be allowed to use the restroom one at a time and for 7 minutes max. Please keep the bathroom stay to 7 minutes starting from the second you leave the classroom, to when you return.

Why? Because while you are out you may be missing vital classroom information that you are responsible for. Also, think of the next person who has to go.

No Gathering by the Door before Bell Rings
Why? It’s a fire hazard and blocks people from entering the room, or needing to leave. The clock does not move any faster.

Sign out All Equipment
From staplers, to tapes, to cameras, tripods, etc. Please sign out all equipment used so that we can better track who last handled the equipment. While you are responsible for all equipment used, the purpose behind this rule to keep the equipment safe and recoverable.

Wear Badges while out and about
Why? This shows that your presence outside of the class is with purpose. Also allows GHS staff and security to contact me if students needs assistance.

DO NOT lounge when outside on a project
You are sent outside for a project, either to collect data or to film, not relax. This makes us all look bad and may result in disciplinary measures.

Academic Dishonesty:
The instructor will promote a climate of academic integrity by the students to perform their own ‘original’ work from one’s own effort, but also giving due credit from ideas sparked from another source.

Students are responsible for being honest and ethical for their academic work at all times. Academic dishonesty or academic misconduct is any type of cheating that occurs in relation to a formal academic exercise. It can include

  • Plagiarism: The reproduction of ideas or words or statements from another source without due acknowledgment. Plagiarism will be reported to administration.
  • Fabrication: The falsification of data or information that deceives an audience or original intention.
  • Deception: Providing false information to an instructor concerning a formal academic exercise.
  • Cheating: Any attempt to give or obtain assistance in an academic exercise (such as an examination) without due acknowledgment.
  • Sabotage: Acting to prevent others from completing their work. This includes cutting pages out of library books, willfully disrupting the experiments of others or hacking other student’s computers.

Do not go near the teacher’s desk.
Why? There are sensitive materials there that are confidential.

Games can only be played during FREE time
While it’s tempting to play video games on your PC, please do not do so while the instructor is lecturing or discussing. Once you’ve done your work and there is extra time, you play games that are tolerable. No guns, no violence, no profanity allowed.

Mr Hague's Class