XC Opps

Gratitude Journal
– Use Google Docs
– Write five things you are grateful for at least 50 days this semester. All text must be unique. Include accomplishments.
– 150pts XC

Pics of Events
Attend any event and take pics.
– Must be approved.
– 5pts per pic (up to 50 pts XC)

Videos of Events
Attend any event and take videos at least 1 minute long, but must
tell the whole story.
– Must be approved.
– 5pts per video (up to 100 pts XC)

– 10 episodes for the semester
– 200pts XC

Sticky Note Affirmations
– 5 pts per note
– 100pts XC

Class Chores
Straightening area. Picking up garbage on a daily basis.
Running errands.
– 10 pts per time
– max 200pts XC

Straightening Computers
After School Job
At least two days a week all semester
– 10pts each time
– 200pts maximum

Peer Help
Helping students with assignments.
Must be approved.
– 5 pts per time
– max 100pts XC

Special Projects
Extra Grades

Azusa/Gladstone Digital Media Arts Academy