Info-Tech Grade Categories

Classwork – 10% Classwork comprises tasks that involve short assignments guided by teacher instruction, and due at the end of the class session.

Demo / Quiz – 20% A Demo assignment is a task with minimal teacher instruction. The students are expected to do the work themselves (or as a team) and turn it in the same day task is assigned. A quiz tests the student’s understanding of the terminology or philosophy of the present unit being studied.

Project / Exam – 30% A project is a task that involves minimum instructor guidance. The students work several days to demonstrate understanding of the present unit of study.  Students will be given at least two class periods to complete the project. A exam will only be given to measure the student’s understanding of several units.

FINAL PROJECT – 40% Students will be responsible for creating a project that demonstrates an understanding of every unit of studies this semester.

Late Assignments

  • 24 hours late: 5pt penalty
  • Up to 1 week late: 10% penalty
  • Between 1 to 2 weeks late: 20% penalty
  • Between 2 to 3 weeks late: 30% penalty
  • Between 3 to 4 weeks late: 40% penalty
  • No assignments to be accepted after 4 weeks

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